Preparing the Way

Why Walk the Camino Again and Why I’m “All In”

In terms of why people do the Camino and how people chose to complete different routes multiple times over their lifetime, I completely get it. You are a different person each time you step foot on the journey and have new and exciting things to process along the way. I remember our last journey on the 500-mile Camino Frances. I was looking for clarity on my career and on where I was “supposed” to live with my family, whether we were meant to spend more time in LA or move to Seattle or Portland. After arriving in Santiago, I felt I had a good game plan to find answers for when I returned back to Los Angeles.

This trip I am in a completely different headspace. The past few months I’ve watched aspects of my life completely come into focus, and I’ve decided recently to commit to a course of action for a little over a year with a tenacity that I can only describe as “All In”. There’s an event I’ll share about more later in October 2020 that I will spend the next year going through the journey to get ready for, and I’m so excited for the community and impact we will have through this engagement.

I have some simple goals for the next two-week adventure. Have as much facetime with my kids as possible, push them and the gear to our destination each day in our Double BOB Stroller safely and with a smile on my face, and enjoy the incredible wine of Portugal and Spain along the way most evenings.

I’m taking these two weeks on the Camino to get my priorities aligned, soak in the beauty of the scenery, the locals, my fellow travels and the incredible architecture and sight along the way. The joy of seeing Hudson and Kalea so carefree and engaged in the elements around them for weeks on end is a blessing that I don’t take for granted. 

In the year to come my complete focus will be on my faith and spiritual growth as always, followed by quality and focused time with my family, then leaning into growing Lux Virtual now that it is finally past that tipping, and I can continue to use my skills in business development and relationship building to create an incredible environment for my creative teams while serving our clients with exceptional and noteworthy visuals. Then the training and my little side hobby of pursuing the ultra-endurance edge while raising funds and awareness for notable causes. 

This year when I say I am “All In” what I mean is that with every piece of my fiber, with every ounce of my strength and endurance, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, into the fray, and I’m committed to being a participant in forging forward and bringing as many people with me along the way! I’m so grateful for the journey before me on this Camino with my family as yet another building block in our story and opportunity to cherish time together.

Buen Camino,

Rob (written on September 12, 2019; day #2)


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