New Podcast Episodes

Are you listening to more podcasts these days? We are.

Are you dreaming of the Camino or reflecting on a past one? Us too.

If you said yes to either question, these podcasts are for you.

Rob and I were invited to share about our Camino story with Dan Mullins, host of My Camino – The Podcast and Jose Mari Ardanaz, Founder of El Camino People. We feel fortunate to call them our friends and support their collective mission to keep the spirit of the Camino alive and inspire future generations to find their way.

If you know Rob and I well, the My Camino interview embodies everything we value: love, faith, family, adventure, our life’s work, and the Camino.

My Camino – The Podcast by Dan Mullins

If you’re a parent wondering about walking the Camino with kids – this one’s for you. This is a “how-to” where we discuss the in’s and out’s of adventuring with little ones.

El Camino People Podcast by Jose Mari Ardanaz

While we quarantine and practice social distancing, I believe it’s more important than ever to hear others stories, invite them in, and consider how your own is evolving from this season to the next.

This is the work we are doing and the work we invite you to as well.



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